Lodge Anima 1223 Win our Award

The Criteria

1. The person submitting a site for the Award should sign our Guestbook before applying.

2. The website must be in English or have a secondary English version linked from the main page.

3. The site must be a Masonic site, or a personal page with at least 50% of its overall content pertaining to Freemasonry.

4. The website must have a reasonable download time.

5. The website must be complete and ready for viewing. Websites still under construction will not be considered.

6. Each page must have navigation bars or buttons so that a viewer may access different pages without having to use the back button on the browser.

7. The website should include Masonic information and promote Freemasonry and not just be a place to list the Officers names, Location and Meeting times (although they are needed for a truly informative site!).

8. The graphics and fonts used should combine to create a pleasing and well laid out site.

To apply for the Award, sign our Guestbook, and then send an email with your email address and the URL of your website to our Webmaster via the Contact Us and let us know what Award you would like if succesfull

9. You must link the Award back to Lodge Anima Glasgow's site

10. Must be family friendly no adult content

We will visit every site that requests our Award and evaluate it based on the 10 points above. Good Luck!

The Lodge Anima Award started on the 26th of February 2010